Voucher Cheques

The Voucher Shop Cheque is a simple way to offer people a whole world of choice on how they spend their well-deserved rewards.

Voucher Cheques are so easy to use. Cheque books are issued by The Voucher Shop to the company administering the scheme. These can be printed with a company name, logo or brand as part of an integrated promotion or campaign.
How do Voucher Cheques work?

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There are two ways to redeem Voucher Shop Cheques:


Redeeming offline using our paper-based ordering system couldn’t be easier. The employer fills in the name of the payee, the amount and date (just as if you were writing a bank cheque) and presents it to the recipient – an employee, customer or distributor – the options are endless. The recipient then completes the cheque by making a selection from the extensive list of voucher types on the back and returns it to The Voucher Shop. We do the rest, managing the invoicing and direct fulfilment of voucher orders. It couldn’t be easier – you benefit from your own reward currency that can be used to motivate, inspire and reward.


With Online Voucher Cheques your participants will be presented with a cheque to a value of your choosing. They are then able to select the voucher of their choice via an online portal and have it delivered direct to their workplace. It’s that simple! The online redemption portal is available using our standard design or can be created bespoke to your requirements, giving you positive brand re-enforcement every time participants log on.




With over 40 voucher types to choose from, a branded, tangible presentation format and complete fulfilment handled in-house, The Voucher Shop Cheque could be the ideal reward mechanism for your organisation.
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